Research & Innovation

Valorsabio Technology Research

ValorSabio provides Private technological research with direct application in sectors such as:

Environment, Biofuels, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical, Chemical& Petro-chemical, Food Industry, etc

Partnership projects / works: If your company intends to develop a new solution/ technology/ process, and you need to add to your project, reliable, experienced and a co-financing private partner, you must contact us.

Our private and independent structure will provide you a fast, competitive, and professional partnership to any research project in the above activity sectors.

Our approach will be always in a personalized case by case, with all the professional and experienced skills.

Our internal rules about confidentiality and economic safety will provide you the most reliable guaranties.



The quality and rigor that our specialized teams used to calculate and design any environmental engineering project, with the most specific details, is our major leitmotif and the best guaranty for our customers.



The solutions proposed are always based in fully tested and demonstrated technologies. Nevertheless, the company guiding principle is not delivering old fashion and obsolete solutions to our customers. On contrary, we are pride to select and provide the highest efficient solutions, with low energy consumption, low emissions, at reduced installation and operation costs.

In addition, our teams are always managed and directed by long and proved experienced staff.

All performed tasks and sub-tasks for a project are totally monitored and verified with redundancy, quality control rules and a strong tracing approach.

All deliverables are previously discussed with customers and   every milestone for our projects is performed in time, according to our assumed commitments.